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Scandinavian wealth management

The Nordic countries top the UN World Happiness Report – where countries are ranked according to factors such as income, freedom of choice, trust and generosity. This Scandinavian approach to living well, is why we at Formuesforvaltning and Burenstam & Partners believe in doing wealth management the Scandinavian way.

There is something quite special about Scandinavia. Despite being hard workers, we still enjoy life to the fullest and place great importance on going to the Norwegian Hytte, enjoying a Swedish Fika and generally living a Danish Hygge lifestyle. It is perhaps for these reasons that Scandinavian culture and Øystein Bø, Group CEO of Formuesforvaltning.lifestyles create worldwide attention, with newspapers and magazines around the world regularly featuring articles about the Scandinavian experience. Even in The New York Times you can read about the “Fika Experience”.

Our clients’ goals are about life, not only market returns

Did you know that Sweden and Norway combined are in 9th place when it comes to dollar millionaires worldwide? Large fortunes have been created in this region over several generations. Much of this wealth is reinvested here and passed on to the next generation.

For Scandinavians, wealth is more than just a figure in a bank account. Wealth is peace of mind, opportunity, the future, independence.

“At Formuesforvaltning, when we ask our clients what the purpose of their wealth is and what it should do for them, the answer is not only about preserving and growing what they have created. It’s also about feeling secure for their family’s financial future, being able to live the life they want. For some it’s about creating new businesses or make a difference in the community,” says Øystein Bø, Group CEO of

"We are building Scandinavia's first true independent wealth manager"

Advice built on independence 

We want to create real lasting results for our clients. Results that have a positive impact for generations to come.
We believe in defining what wealth should enable and sticking to a long-term plan. This empowers our clients to take deliberate decisions, avoid chasing short-term returns or getting lost in media hysteria.

Beyond financial results, having an advisor will bring other benefits, such as freeing up time, getting organized and having peace of mind. Things that will have an immediate impact on your life. When Lars Uppsäll, CEO of Burenstam & Partners. choosing an advisor you should look for an expert that understands your needs and has minimal conflicts of interest. For these reasons, we are building Scandinavia’s first true Independent Wealth Manager.

Advice is more important than ever

“Dalbar found that the average US mutual fund investor has performed 4% worse than the market annually over the last ten years. That really adds up. Everybody talks about beating the market, but in reality there are very few that even come close to market returns,” says Lars Uppsäll, CEO of Burenstam & Partners. 

This gap between “the market” and actual investor returns is explained by behaviour. Investors tend to invest when the market is up and sell when the market is down. In other words, “buy expensive, sell cheap.” People are emotional beings, and often, emotion drives their investment decisions instead of logic.

This is why advice is more important now than ever. More Scandinavians are investing their wealth to achieve their goals. Our most important job is to help clients improve the way they make financial decisions. We do this with a personalized approach to wealth planning and ongoing advice. This will enable you to navigate the markets better and close the gap.

We believe in a local presence

Digitalization should improve the client-advisor relationship, not replace it. At a time when banks are closing branch after branch, we are increasing our local presence.


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