Swede Johanna Paues has lived in Berlin for six years.
Swede Johanna Paues has lived in Berlin for six years.


‘I rarely feel stressed in Berlin'

Swede Johanna Paues has lived in Berlin for six years. Here she gives us the inside track on her adopted city.

How do you earn a living?

I’m a freelance journalist. I also blog about Berlin for Swedish daily Aftonbladet. 

What’s the best thing about living in Berlin?

I rarely feel stressed. It’s a completely different tempo than Stockholm, where I’m from.  And of course, it’s nice that it’s still relatively cheap.

What never fails to surprise Scandinavians about Berlin?

The fact that it’s so hard to pay by credit card. Make sure you have a lot of cash handy! I also think that some people are surprised at how quiet and green it is.

When’s Berlin at its best?

Undoubtedly summer. Berliners hibernate during the winter and although there’s a lot going on here then as well, you can’t compare it with summer. The entire city is like one big festival from May until late August.

Name three things to do/see/eat off the beaten path.

RAW at Revaler Strasse in Friedrichshain is a very exciting place with lots of street art and a charmingly shabby Berlin vibe. On Sundays, you’ll find a street food market and a fun flea market there.

You simply have to visit a hammam. There’s plenty to choose from given Berlin’s large Turkish community. My favorite is Sultan Hamam. It’s in a car park in Kreuzberg and looks awful from the outside, but it’s lovely inside.

During the summer, Sundays at Mauerpark are a must with flea markets, outdoor karaoke, dancing, live music and various other festivities all day long.

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