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The best food experiences in London’s Kensington area

The fashionable district of Kensington is well worth a visit for anyone in search of sophisticated drinks, decadent dinners or simply to find a hidden gem. Here’s a couple of places to visit when you’re there.

Sebastian Schardl was born in Sweden but has been living in London for some time, and which he now calls home.

“London is the perfect home town for me. Here, I’ve got the perfect mix of being able to be one of the crowd while at the same time having permission to stand out as much as I want to,” he says.

When Schardl moved to London, he felt at home in Kensington. As a frequent restaurant and bar goer, he’s found several favorite haunts he loves to visit. Here’s his guide to his part of London:

The drink "1964" at Daphne's

An Italian worth visiting

This cozy Italian provides superb service and is popular with the well-heeled burghers of Kensington. It's a perfect lunch spot for anyone needing a break from shopping. The interior design is worth a look in its own right while lingering over a Bellini at the lovely, long bar.


115-106 Draycott Ave, Chelsea, London

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Måndag – Lördag 12.00 - 23.30. Söndag 12.00 - 22.30.

Foto: The Prince

Popular for after-work and good food

The Prince is a new local favorite where the after-work atmosphere never seems to end. It has a large and lovely bar area with throbbing music that attracts people from all round London. If you’re feeling hungry, you can order street food that’s served at small kiosks. Choose your favorite and find a seat in the group style eating area.

The Prince

14 Lillie Rd, London, SW6 1TT

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Foto: Margaux

European classics

Under this roof, you’ll find delicious, classic European cuisine that’s accompanied by an impressive wine list featuring sophisticated Old World wines. The dining room is tastefully styled with exposed white painted brickwork. The atmosphere is decidedly convivial.


152 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London

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Foto: Scoff & Banter

Jazzy elegance

Scoff & Banter is located in beautiful old premises that have been updated in a modern and elegant style. It’s the very essence of an English restaurant that serves much esteemed afternoon tea during the day and good food with fantastic wines and cocktails in the evening. They also host not to be missed intimate jazz nights.

Scoff & Banter

68-86 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 5BT

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Food experiences in art deco surroundings

The monumental Michelin House, named after the eponymous tire man, is a spectacular art deco building and one of the most striking architectural experiences in London. Inside, you’ll find Claude Bosi´s fantastic restaurant. Walk through the fabulous flower store and oyster bar (that used to be a car workshop) and prepare yourself for a magnificent evening of fine dining and incredible taste experiences.


Michelin House 81 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London SW3 6RD

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Foto: Bo Làng

Dim Sum in a new guise

Here you’ll find Kensington’s most stylish meeting place with subdued lighting, elegant interior design and a delightful atmosphere. Bo Làng serves classic, innovative and modern Dim Sum in dark hues. Chinese small dishes at their absolute best.

Bo Làng

100 Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AD

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Foto: Hereford Arms

A better British pub

The Hereford Arms is a relaxed Victorian pub that serves pretty much everything you could ask for in a pub of this kind. The menu is written on a board in the restaurant and the diners are seated on dark wooden chairs. In summer, there are outside tables in the sunniest spots.

Hereford Arms

127 Gloucester Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 4TE

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