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Where the Danes, Norwegians and Swedes want to travel this summer

There is an increasing trend in Scandinavia to book summer holidays as the pandemic eases its claws in certain geographies, and above all it is the Mediterranean that attracts the Scandinavians this summer.

The sales in recent weeks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden show increased interest in traveling this summer. This summer, Scandinavians prefer to travel to the Mediterranean, but there is also an increased demand for holidays at home.

Demand for travel this autumn has also increased sales for travel in September and October, and this autumn we expect increased demand for intercontinental travel and city breaks.

Surveys show that the most important thing for SAS travelers is that the tickets are flexible.

Danes’ top 10 summer destinations

  1. Nice

  2. Palma

  3. Malaga

  4. Athen

  5.  Stockholm

  6. Chania

  7. Oslo

  8. San Francisco

  9. New York

  10. Chicago

Norwegians’ top 10 summer destinations

  1. Stockholm

  2. Alicante

  3. Malaga

  4. London

  5. Brussels

  6. Reykjavík

  7. New York

  8. Nice

  9. Frankfurt

  10. Athens

Swedes' top 10 summer destinations

  1. Alicante

  2. Malaga

  3. Palma

  4. Kiruna

  5. Luleå

  6. New York

  7. Nice

  8. Gothenburg (from Arlanda)

  9. Split

  10. Athens

The list is based on destinations booked in the last five weeks.

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